smart building energy

(SEB-COntrol ) Online monitoring and Control using LabView

Indoor air quality control using CFD

Lecturer: Prof. Jafar Mahmoudi

Course Period: 3 Days

Aim: It describes a system which has been designed to reduce energy consumption in buildings up to 40%; with achievement of optimal trade-off between energy saving and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and in particular. This will be done through smart monitoring and intelligent decision-making system of the Building Energy Management System (BEMS).

SEB-Control, could be addressed as the most optimum method for controlling the energy consumption, i.e. controls, manages and monitors building equipment such as lightening, HVAC, boiler, and fan systems.

Traditionally the BEMS systems are operated manually, based on set point tables that correspond to steady state operation. SEB-Control aims to develop a control system based on a CFD numerical model of different operating parameters such as temperature, pressure, air velocity, pollution, etc that is used to automatically calculate zone set points that are intended to be implemented to the BEMS system.

SEB-Control will be employed to optimize the air flow, indoor temperature (based on outdoor temperature) and pressure.

Intended for: Building industries including Operating, Contracting, Service Company and Regulatory Authority personnel

Course content:


The principle of energy audit and control in buildings (why, what and how)
Lecture on CFD
Lecture on Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)
CFD simulation to analyse the impact of different parameters and objectives on the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)
Introduction to intelligent control Systems and LabView
Graphical Object-Oriented Programming In LabView


Introduction to Modules and Controllers in SEB-CFD unit
Introduction to data Acquisition Cards, Sensors and Actuator
Designing Smart Energy System using LabView Software
Case study with LabView Software- Temperature (online monitoring & control