Ansys and OpenFoam CFD based Energy Audit

Ansys and OpenFoam CFD based Energy Audit

The course will give the required knowledge to do CFD predictions using computational fluid dynamic. Moreover, the participants will be given an introduction to Steady sate and transient solution in addition to LES, DES, and RANS.

The course will also transfer knowledge and special skills related to wind energy power prediction tool using CFD simulation. The idea is to provide specialized training and knowledge to industry, utilities and various governmental implementing agencies.

Moreover, course provides an invaluable platform for dialog and open exchange of view and experiences

Course Outline:
Introduction to CFD
Introduction to Heat and Mass transfer
Lecture on Pre- processor (geometry and boundary condition)
Lecture on solver including steady state and transient
Lecture on different solver methododlogy including LES, DES and RANS
lecture on Post- processing
Bench-marking Ansys vs OpenFoam
practical session: Group work and project