Advanced Design builder Detailed HVAC and CFD

Advanced Design builder Detailed HVAC and CFD


The aim of smart HVAC is to have a smart monitoring and control system to save money, reduce the energy consumption and mitigates any issues associated with misuse.

Smart HVAC systems also can help to minimize the maintenance complexity for the occupants and operators. By offloading a little bit of the complexity to smart HVAC systems, a better environment for the people who occupy your building will be achieved.

The smart HVAC Home Energy Audit provides with a prioritized list for saving money through reduced energy consumption. The results can also provide valuable information on wasting most of te energy through the system

The Macro simulation based on Design Builder simulation tool (the detail HVAC module) will be employed to provide accurate information on how buildings utilize energy, helping building owners to identify energy waste, adjust automated systems, and ultimately save money by reducing excess expenditures.

DesignBuilder EnergyPlus HVAC

In the following the micro CFD simulation tool (again Design builder CFD) will be employed to provide a detail indoor air quality information as well as local weather information helping with design optimization of the measure energy consumption on different HVAC schedules, , and energy interval data.