About us

Vision and Mission!


NEON AS (Norwegian Inspection Center for Energy Optimization), is a “knowledge Based “center active in BEMS, HVAC as well as Petroleum

NEON AS, aiming for Smart Energy Building, SEB to simply pay less payable energy invoicing (up to 35 % smaller bill) by decreasing their energy consumption and helping with more energy optimization systems.

Neon As provides technical services of project consultation and Inspection as well as workshop and education within BEMS (Building Energy Management Systems); HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air condition); Wellbore Transport Modelling during drilling operation; Sustainable Energy Development with special focus on the wind technology; CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamic) Simulation and Material Process and technology

This will be performed through:

a)     Education and workshop, on new technologies and practical solution

b)     Consulting and project, from auditing to project execution

c)     Technology Knowledge Transfer through facilitating of participation in worldwide exhibition and conferences with special focus on SEB.

Neon Structure!

NEON AS is an industry leader in providing consulting, engineering, inspection and environmental expertise to our valued clients. With two regional locations and multiple project offices strategically positioned as required, NEON is poised to effectively support your project needs, wherever they may be.

Neon has three main departments:


-Project Consulting

-Training and Education

And each department has the following area:

-Oil and Gas



Neon Certificates!

The Management system of the Neon AS (Norwegian Inspection Center For Energy Optimization) has been audited and approved by TUV World for the Following standards or Guidelines of:

ISO 50001: 2011 (Energy Management systems)

BS EN ISO 14001: 2004 ( Environmental Management system)

BS EN ISO 9001:2008 ( Quality Management System)

The Approved Management system apply the Following:

Inspection- Energy Audit and Consultion


Moreover Neon AS (Norwegian Inspection Center for Energy Optimization) has been assessed and approved by British Accreditation Authority for the Following standards:

ISO/IEC 17020:2012

Verified that operation of Various types of bodies performing inspection fulfills the requirements of the ISO/IEC 17020:2012 standards for the scope of:

Inspection- Energy Audit and Consulting

Neon As also have the following certificates:

Energy Expert Certification (CEX) – +Boverket, The Swedish National Board of Housing,

Certification on Swedish Compulsory Ventilation Checks (OVK), Boverket, The Swedish National Board of Housing,

Certified controllers Planning and Building Act  (PBL), On-going process (He is expecting to receive the certificate by March 2016)

NDT Inspection- Liquid Penetrant testing, American Society for Non Destructive Testing, ASNT

NDT Inspection- Radiographic testing interpretation (WELDS), American Society for Non Destructive Testing, ASNT

NDT Inspection- Ultrasonic Testing, American Society for Non Destructive Testing, ASNT

NDT Inspection- Magenetic Particle Testing, American Society for Non Destructive Testing, ASNT

Piping Inspection, DNW , Dutch

Pipeline Inspection, DNW , Dutch

Pressure vessel Inspection, DNW , Dutch

Neon Focus Area!

The main focus area of the Neon are:
a)Oil and Gas industry; Technology Knowledge Transfer
•Risk reduction on offshore platform installation/ operation
•Technical Risk Assessment, Reliability  and Data Collection
•CFD computation of the advances mud transport
•Advanced well-mud-CFD Modelling
•Reliable planning for diagnostics and control of the drilling process aiming to avoid unwanted incident.
•Improved safety and efficiency of drilling operations.
•CO2 Separation in Condensation processes.
b) SEB, Smart Energy Building; BEMS- Building Energy Managemnet System
NEON AS, aiming for Smart Energy Building, SEB to simply pay less payable energy invoicing (up to 35 % smaller bill) by decreasing their energy consumption and helping with more energy optimization systems.
 The new methodology of SEB-CFD has been patented by the NEON AS on 2011. The patent is the core of activities based on SEB-CFD concept. SEB-CFD is based on the new approach of using the simulation package.
In the traditional methodology, everything is based on auditing, calculation, analyses and reports. In SEB-CFD, the obtained results, will be employed as boundary condition for the simulation. In this concept, a load of simulation will be employed to a) understand the energy consumption at the current situation and b) based on the result, find the optimum solution for the future. The simulation will be validated against the measured data. The report will be generated after analyzing the results.
SEB: Smart Energy Building (SEB-Audit, SEB-Control, SEB_ Construction  The Energy audit of the building can be used to analyses the real energy consumption in building and consequently minimizing energy consumption in the best indoor air quality condition.
•Simulation of Heat and mass transfer in the building, including heat and cooling design, annual simulation
•CFD (computational Fluid Dynamic), daylight and cost as well as the distribution patent of the CO, CO2, Radon, Smoke, etc.
•New technologies such as Nano-coating material and heat waste recovery
c) Smart HVAC; heating, Ventilation and Air Condition
NEON AS offers reliable solutions for heating, cooling ventilation and air condition.
Our products perfectly integrate into solutions that make our customers’ lives easier.
At Neon AS we understand modern buildings and infrastructures.
Our passion is to continually provide and improve solutions for residential, commercial and public environments, thus enriching peoples’ way of life.
Neon AS has long traditions and extensive know-how as a, indoor climate and infrastructure system consultant. Moreover we support customers in creating solutions that ideally and sustainably fulfil their business needs.
HVAC stands for heating, ventilation and sanitation. HVAC technology includes the technical systems / installations in buildings is responsible for an energy-efficient way to account for the indoor climate (heating, cooling and ventilation) and provide the building with hot and cold potable water, and diverting sewage and rainwater. This includes:
-Air Source Heat pumps
-Air-water heat pumps
-Geothermal heating
-Underfloor system
-Heat Recovery system
-Solar heating and Cooling
-Ventilation Technology
-Training & Development

Common Certificate by Design Builder and NEON


DesignBuilder has been considered to be our main simulation tool in SEB-Audit and SEB-CFD products and we continuously provide workshops on how one can employ DB in SEB concept (Smart Energy building)
To get more information about DesignBuilder and try the trial version please click here: DownloadDesignBuilder

NEON AS acts as DesignBuilder reseller (distributor) in the Middle East (with special focus on Iran) and Europe (Scandinavia region)
For more information click on the Design Builder logo